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Welcome To Webhood Infotech

A 2020 startup grows into a full-fledged leading website development company in India.
Here is the 3-year journey of Webhood Infotech.
It all start in Jamshedpur!

The whole vision and company started in Jamshedpur (Tatanagar) Steel City of India and the foundation city of the TATA group.

Our first hire. Aug 2020

Our company finally get its first hire on 16 Aug 2020 who was a Youtuber who joined us as a video editor and social media expert, and from here the company was going to onboard more talented people who share the same vision as us.

Received first website order. Nov 2020

So finally after 10 months of continued marketing on Linkedin and Insta and SEO, we received our first website order. This was for a recruitment agency in Noida, India.

Writing with Pen
2nd hire, a content writer. Dec 2020

So till now, our company strength was 2 people, but while serving the Ghana client, we hire our 2nd team member on Dec 2020 for managing the content part for orders.

Touch 1st 5 Lakh.

So till here, we became a team of 4 - 5 people, website developer, video editor, content writer, graphic designer, and all. This was a time when we needed a boost and internal confidence to continue the company, and this event gave us both internal confidence and direction to continue the company.

First Full-Time Hire Jan 2022

So from the batch of graphic design interns, one of them cleared it and secured a position in Webhood Infotech.

Finally Webhood Got Registered Feb 2023

So after 3 years of dedicated work, service, and delivery, we registered ourselves as a proper company on Feb 2023.

Screenshot 2023-05-31 203213.png
Our own website is now live! May 2020

This was the very first version of our website in 2020. The official domain was purchased on 28 May 2020. Which we celebrate as the foundation date of Webhood Infotech.

Diwali Lights
Received first order - Oct 2020

We got our very first order worth Rs.100 for designing a pamphlet for a Diwali box, this was the time for a good motivational boost but was also a  big question for us for how we are going to take it forward.

Finally, First International Order! Dec 2020

This was a landing page and video editing work from Ghana which we received in December 2020. The client was happy with the service and is till date in touch.

Flexible Payment Planning
Touch 1st 1 Lakh.

So almost after 1 year (Jan 2021) of full sales, marketing, and service delivery, we touch our first 1 lakh under this company name.

Work Desk
Hiring First Interns in Webhood

Hiring First Interns in Webhood

Here we got our first batch of interns for graphic designers (Oct 2021) who worked for 4 months and 1 of them cleared the internship and secured a proper job in Webhood Infotech.

Team of Industrial Engineers
Finally Crossed Team of 10. Oct 2022

From there we didn't stop and initiated many internships and selected the best of them, and offered jobs in Webhood Infotech. So in Oct 2022, we crossed our team size to 10 members. With a team of talented designers, developers, editors, marketers, and managers.

Sunset Over New York City
What Next?

We plan to develop a full fledge digital ecosystem for startups to manage their business online, from the payment gateway to team management, training, and much more.

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