We connect businesses and startups to modern technologies and make mind blowing solutions for them

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Our vision is to simplify day to day business life with our amazing solutions. 

So that the companies and startups can focus on how to take their business forward.

So we (Webhood) is here to provide all kind of digital services like web and app development,
graphic design, video-animation and digital marketing 
kind of top-notch services to businesses and newly formed startups at the best rates in the market with premium quality for guarantee. 

6 + countries

make some extra effort everyday

Yes we have served in 6+ countries with pride

Our journey has not been easy but the struggle in order to leave 
our own mark was totally worth it. As our operations are geographically 
independent, we have been blessed to help individuals and 
organisations internationally. Some of the nations we were charmed 
to work with are Canada, Israel, Ghana, Qatar and Italy.
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We develop website on all popular langauges and technologies like PHP, Javascript, WordPress and WIX



App development is one of the strongest part of our agency. Where you talk about UI UX, or logic building and main development, we lead them all. We develop app for both android and IOS devices.



UI UX is one the most important stage for any website or app development. It make sure that user experience and interaction on your product is good. Hence we only afford excellent UI UX design.



Speak about your business, with our amazing videos and animations. From Premium Pro, After Effect, we expert them all.



Now you have your website, app, video, but what about the customers? How they will find you? The answer is "Through Digital Marketing". From SEO, to SMM, to Google ads, we cover all of them with best rates and excellent after serive in  the whole industry.

15 + scratch projects

make some extra effort everyday

We have worked on more then 15+ websites, app and digital marketing for new startups from scratch.
And still counting...

Our journey has not been easy but the struggle in order to leave 
our own mark was totally worth it.


As our operations are geographically independent, we have been blessed to help individuals and organisations internationally.

Some of the nations we were charmed to work with are Canada, Israel, Ghana, Qatar and Italy.
Become a Webhood Partner and promote in your country.


Webhood is a leading website and application development agency in India

Webhood, full name "Webhood Infotech" is a leading website and app development agency in India with more than 6+ serving countries and 15+ scratch projects achieved in just 1 and a half years.

Our main mission is to completely simplify your day to day business life with our excellent solutions and business tools. 

We only afford mind-blowing design, excellent development and successful marketing. 

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Webhood PrettyU Website And App Project Thumbnail.png

PrettyU Home Salon Service Website & Android Application

This website was made on WIX CMS, with each function coded in JavaScript in WIX Velo. 

PrettyU is a salon service-based registered company, which provide all kind of salon service at your home.

We have made an app for them through which their customer can directly book an appointment for them and the beautician will come to there home and will perform the service.

Webhood Restaurant Based Website.png

Restaurant Based Startup Website Design and Development

This is an upcoming business for which we have made scratch websites and strategies.

How it works: A customer comes to the restaurant, and scan a unique QR code present at each table.

By scanning the QR code, they can place an order without going to the counter. Their order had been sent, now they can talk on Whatapp. And after the meal, they can also pay through this web application on their mobile.

Webhood The Fitness Coaching Canadian Website.png

Canadian Fitness Coaching Where Olympics Fitness Expert Himself Assist You

This is a website developed on WordPress, the website is having a clean and to the point design. 

"Mustafa Aaloi" who is an Olympics Fitness Trainer assist you throughout your fitness journey. 

On this website, the user can enrol into fitness courses, games and can also have a consultancy with the trainer.


What intergrations can we do?


We can develop blogs on php, wordpress and wix. With all blog functions like posting, drafting, like, comment share.

Booking System

We can also make a service booking system on your website where your user select a service, select date and time and book an appointment with you.

GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking is also a part of our integration list. We can make applications where we can track there object using GPS tracking device of all kind.

Affiliate Intergation

Are you a affiliate marketer? And have a website and need your affiliate program to integrate directly to your own website. So yes we can integrate that for you.

Online Store

Get complete online store intergrated on your website and start selling products and services. Cart system, search, checkout and payment gateway.

NFT / Blockchain

We also develop NFT and blockchain based application. Token generation, storing on Blockchain and all other features are included.

Fourm Development

We also make community based website where people can ask question, give answer, like share and all. A full forum website development.

Payment Gateway

We work with all popular payment gateways, and integrate them with all saftly measures to your website.

Intake Form

Get user to fill a form, catch leads and much more. We make submission forms aswell.

Search System

We also make search system in PHP, WordPress an WIX. Not the template one, the scratch custom one.

Thirdparty Intergation

We are partnered with all popular tolls and software so we can integrate all kind of third party tools and software to your application and website.


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